Super Abrasive Wheels: Go The Distance

Posted by Scott on Tuesday, September 18th, 2018 in Cleaning & Finishing Equipment, News, Fox, Monthly

email-img_Fox-420-Single-End-Stand Grinder

Super Abrasive Grinder Wheels Provide Longer Life and Other Advantages Over Bonded Abrasive Wheels

Vulcan Engineering recently shipped several Fox® Model 420 Stand Grinders with Super Abrasive (SA) wheels designed for SNAG grinding. The 20” SA wheel fits on a standard machine with no modification providing the user the capability to switch between bonded abrasive and SA wheels based on job requirements. For example, grinding iron casting with the SA wheel and grinding steel casting with the bonded abrasive wheel.

The advantages of the SA wheel are longer wheel life, reduction in swarf generation over a bond abrasive wheel, no dressing of the wheel and a SA wheel blank can be machined with radii to grind hard to access areas.

For more information on Fox® stand grinders, visit the product page here.


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