Impactors: Making an Impact

Posted by Scott on Friday, April 09th, 2021 in Insider, Cleaning & Finishing Equipment, News, Monthly

Vulcan Engineering Action ImpactorsVulcan designs and manufactures a line of riser removal Impactors for both hand-held and manipulator- mounted use.

The Impactor, our single-shot pneumatic “hammer,” has earned an excellent reputation among foundries around the world. The value of the Impactor lies in its robustness, power and longevity.
The combination of extremely long “time between rebuilds” and the affordability and availability of replacement parts translates into a low cost of ownership that continues to win the approval of customers—especially those who have experience with other units.

There are three Impactor models: 65H, 100H and 200H. They are designed to replace sledgehammers in removing risers made with break-off style cores.

All operate best at 80~150psi and are equipped with our patented cushion cylinder for excellent protection against dry-firing. Impactors are operator-friendly (ergonomic grips, shock cushioning), and are built to withstand the rigors of continuous foundry use.

Manually operated Impactors are typically suspended by a chain-fall hoist, supported by a jib crane, bridge crane or similar device.

Product Summary: Manually Operated Impactor


Equivalent @ 100psi

Suggested Applications


12~16 lbs.

Steel, White, Gray and Ductile Iron; large risers


8~12 lbs.

Gray and Ductile Iron; medium risers


up to 8 lbs.

Gray and Ductile Iron; smaller risers/gating


Download Action Impactor Material

Available Options

  • Air Quality System (highly recommended): Protects your investment and helps to assure peak performance.
  • Handlebar-mounted Hoist Control: Allows the operator to control a customer-supplied hoist (electric or pneumatic) without removing his hand from the grip.
  • Pneumatic Intensifiers are also available for boosting supply pressure up to 2X, providing up to 150psi to the Impactor for increased power.

The Impactor is also available in the form of a manipulator-mounted attachment, either alone or in combination with other tools. Our patented Combination Grapple/Impactor attachment is the most productive riser removal and casting handling package available.