The FOX® Remelt Ingot Processing System

Vulcan Engineering FOX Remelt Ingot Processing System

Video Showcases Vulcan's Latest Ingot Processing Line

The FOX® Remelt Ingot Processing System is amazing to behold. As the ingots are conveyed through the system, and each station performs its unique and precise tasks in sequence, one is immediately impressed by the efficiency and speed of the action. The system makes short work of processing high alloy steel ingots from 3 to 9 inches in diameter, and 20-50 inches in length.

Ingots begin at the mold press (150 or 200 tons), where they are pressed from the mold onto a conveyor. They are then conveyed to the cut-off area where they are secured for the chop-saw end removal. They are then transferred to the grinding section for rough grinding followed by finish grinding. Lastly, the ingots are inspected, marked and removed from the system, all in one effortless process.

Watch the full video below:


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