Multitasking with Manipulators

Posted by Lori on Friday, November 17th, 2017 in Insider, Manipulators, News, Video, Features, Monthly

Knock-off and sort gating while easily moving heavy castings

Our line of Action® Manipulators provide robust solutions for applications that require large payload capacity, efficient movements, and increased safety for operators. This allows operators to work at safe distances and in controlled environments.

Typically installed near Vibratory Shakeout Conveyors, these digitally controlled manipulators are engineered to solve tough material handling problems. Operators can pick up heavy castings and set them on pallets, sort large and/or hot parts, or knockoff gating and risers all with one machine. We offer several attachments to fit your operation’s specific needs such as Hot Castings Grapple, Riser Knockoff Impactors™, Combination Grapple/Impactor™, Runner Breaker Grapples, or Specialized Grapple Solutions engineered to your specifications.

Perfect for No-bake or Green Sand foundry systems with medium to large castings, our application engineers work with you to choose manipulator capacity, attachments, reach and functionality, controls, cab location, and hydraulic power unit location to suit your production and installation requirements.

Check out the video below to see the Action® Manipulator in action with the Combination Grapple/Impactor™ attachment. 


  • Extensive use of FEA and 3D computer modeling to optimize structural geometry, joints and members, resulting in low unit stresses, minimum power consumption and maximum reliability.
  • Non-proprietary hydraulic cylinders are used throughout. Primary axis cylinders are identical to minimize part inventory.
  • Bearings, valves, electronics, and other non-proprietary components are readily available from multiple sources for cost-effectiveness.
  • In-Cab PID tuning of manipulator motion, for personalized control.
  • Best of both worlds… superior performance and reliability, with industrial-standard components.

Visit the Action® Manipulator product page for more information, images, or to get in touch with a Sales Engineer today to discuss how an Action® Manipulator can benefit your operation.