Truflo® Features & Benefits

Posted by Lori on Thursday, November 02th, 2017 in Mold Handling, Video, Truflo, Features, Monthly

Truflo® Loop System

Fully Automatic Handling of Molds from Mold Loading to the Mold Dump Conveyor

Truflo® offers flexibility no matter what type of mold handling you require. Vulcan offers 2 configurations of the Truflo® mold handling system, the L Series (Loop System) and the H series (Horizontal System) as standard models. This video features the L Series for fully automatic handling of molds from loading molds, shifting weights and jackets to pushing off molds onto a mold dump conveyor after cooling time has been achieved.

Truflo®Mold Handling Systems are available for a wide variety of molding machines and molding processes. The video below shows several variations since there are multiple methods of mold loading and locations depending on your layout requirements, as well as, multiple methods of weight and jacket transfers and mold push offs. Mold handlers are designed to meet customer cooling requirements and the system is engineered to fit your specific needs.

System Features and Benefits:

  • Fully automatic handling of molds from loading to push off.
  • Innovative, fully automatic handling of weights and jackets.
  • A hydraulically driven indexing assembly automatically moves the mold carriers, or gondolas, one position forward and then returns to repeat the cycle.
  • Electro-proportionally controlled indexing provides a smooth controlled cycle without erratic movements or sudden stops.
  • Two (2) hydraulic cylinders provide all movement of the line.
  • Accurate positioning of gondolas to interface with mold loader.
  • Positioning latch connection to gondolas insures a repeatable index cycle.
  • Molds may be poured while indexing.
  • A PLC controls the cycling sequence of the Truflo® and interface with molding machine.
  • Heavy-duty structural steel support system with gondolas rolling on ASCE crane rails and hardened plate end sections provides longer life and much less maintenance that inverted angle systems.
  • Open construction of support steel and drives permit easy access for maintenance and clean up.
  • Sealed bearing support and guide rollers for low maintenance.
  • Conveyor frames and rails form a closed loop handling system.

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