New Investment Casting Video


New Video Highlights Vulcan's Investment Casting Capabilities

Vulcan Engineering is excited about the new video detailing our Investment Casting capabilities that just made its debut on our YouTube Channel. just in time for the Investment Casting Institute's 66th Technical Conference & Equipment Expo in St. Louis, Missouri from October 27 - 30, 2019.

The video provides an overview of all of Vulcan's Investment Casting equipment and services:

  • Investment Casting Systems
  • Robotic Finishing Cells
  • Shell Management Systems
  • Pattern Assembly
  • Sanders
  • Grinders & Cut-Offs
  • Slurry Tanks
  • Drying Cabinets & Rooms
  • Robotic Integration
  • Offline Programming
  • Project Managment
  • and MORE!

The video is below, as well as a link to subscribe to the Vulcan YouTube Channel, which hosts detailed videos on all of the products and services listed here, and many more. Explore all the foundry solutions that Vulcan Engineering offers!