Robotic Casting Finishing: The Future Is Now

Posted by Scott on Thursday, July 08th, 2021 in Cleaning & Finishing Equipment, News, Robotics, Foxall, Monthly

Vulcan Engineering Robotic Casting Finishing

Automation with Flexibility for the Future

Robots have been an important part of the metalcasting process for decades, and Vulcan Engineering Co. has been providing foundries with robotic integration solutions every step of the way. Automation is often the easiest way to increase productivity and efficiency, particularly in the area of casting finishing.

There has never been a better time to evaluate your needs for automating your casting finishing. It’s a big investment, but one that has more payoff than you might think. Vulcan Engineering Co. can help you realize this opportunity with flexible, turnkey solutions from our Foxall® product line which is tool to part to our specialized cells featuring part to tools solutions.

All of our casting finishing equipment is engineered to give our customers improved efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the quality of work while at the same time efficiency utilizing personnel, regardless of age or gender. With robotic finishing automation, jobs that previously required a lot of muscle can now be performed by just about anyone.

Vulcan’s grinding solution gives you the utmost flVulcan Engineering FOXALL Dedicated Robotic Cellexibility in accommodating for the present and future casting finishing needs, with automatic tool change and simple, easy to change part fixture tooling for very low or very high production part numbers.

Vulcan Robotic Cells:

  • Designed to use multiple, different grinding tool combinations
  • Reduces casting fixture tooling costs
  • Automation increases worker moral and safety
  • Engineered for very low or very high production part numbers
  • Designed to minimize tooling and part changeover time in just a few minutes
  • Can be operated by most any personnel, regardless of age or gender

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