Sand Cooling: Vulcan Does It All

Posted by Scott on Tuesday, June 01th, 2021 in Insider, News, Green Sand, Features, Foundry Systems, Monthly

Vulcan Engineering Sand Cooling Verticooler

Quality castings rely on good molding sand produced within the statistical limits developed for permeability, strength, compression, LOI and other molding sand quality measures that a foundry may use. One of the basic requirements to making good quality molding sand is return sand that is within an acceptable temperature range.

Vulcan Engineering Co. offers complete sand cooling solutions to the foundry industry. Vulcan has proven cooling systems for Green Sand, Precision Sand, Lost Foam and Nobake molding systems

Green Sand Cooling

Vulcan offers the VertiCooler sand cooler in sizes ranging from 30 tons per hour of sand processed up to 300 TPH. These units offer the following advantages:

  1. No vibration, moving parts or paddles
  2. Unique fluid bed technology aerates sand
  3. Provides high efficiency evaporative cooling
  4. Minimal fluidized bed reduces dust collection requirements
  5. PLC water addition technology
  6. Sand temperature, tonnage and moisture is monitored
  7. Low energy consumption

Other Cooler Brands

  • Vulcan also offers complete project management & system design allowing the integration of other brands of stand-alone coolers into your return sand system.
  • Vulcan's expertise in Sand Cooling provides the user a system that operates reliably & efficiently.

Vulcan Engineering Sand Cooling  MD754 CoolerNobake, Lost Foam and Precision Sand Coolers

The Vulcan MD series of cooler/classifiers offers improved cooling and lower maintenance costs. This design is the result of years of study spent on our previous coolers and competing coolers to develop an improved design for the foundry industry.

The Vulcan MD series Cooler/Classifier will cool and classify your hot sand after it has been screened for metal and tramp material. The non-linear path of the sand and the multiple-stage weir layout ensures efficient heat transfer from the sand to the water passing through heavy-duty finned tubes. This layout provides a maximum of sand cooling in a minimum of floor space. A plenum-plate fluidization method maintains a constantly flowing bed of sand, thus providing ample retention time for cooling. The design of the unit provides simple, low maintenance operation with high reliability all in a compact space.


  • Multiple cooling tubes arranged in a contra-flow path to the sand
  • Easily removable side panels for inspection/maintenance purposes
  • Indirect sand-to-water contact prevents fouling of cooling tubes
  • Fluidization blower
  • Dust collection connection port

These units can be quoted with a chilled water section for cooling sand to below local wet bulb temperature for special process requirements.

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