Sand Cooling 101

Quality castings rely on good molding sand produced within the statistical limits developed for permeability, strength, compression, LOI and other molding sand quality measures that a foundry may use. One of the basic requirements to making good quality molding sand is return sand that is within an acceptable temperature range.

Vulcan Engineering Co. offers complete sand cooling solutions to the foundry industry. Vulcan has proven cooling systems for Green Sand, Precision Sand, Lost Foam and Nobake molding systems

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FOX® Remelt Ingot Processing System

Video Showcases Vulcan's Latest Ingot Processing Line

The FOX® Remelt Ingot Processing System is amazing to behold. As the ingots are conveyed through the system, and each station performs its unique and precise tasks in sequence, one is immediately impressed by the efficiency and speed of the action. The system makes short work of processing high alloy steel ingots from 3 to 9 inches in diameter, and 20-50 inches in length.


Impactors: Making an Impact

Vulcan designs and manufactures a line of riser removal Impactors for both hand-held and manipulator- mounted use.

The Impactor, our single-shot pneumatic “hammer,” has earned an excellent reputation among foundries around the world. The value of the Impactor lies in its robustness, power and longevity.

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Fox® Air Float Cut-Off

The Fox® Air Float Cut-Off machine is ideal for gate and riser removal on small to medium size castings or castings on runner bars or trees. The unit is excellent for small to medium production runs since fixtures are very easy to change and generally no other settings are required. It is ideal for castings that are too heavy for operator handling as the air float feature makes moving several hundred pounds almost effortless. Once the casting is fixtured, cutting can take place anywhere around the periphery since the floating gondola allows for fast, easy positioning and repositioning of heavy casting trees or individual parts. The abrasive cutting is rapid using the hydraulic down pressure system. If the gate or riser is on a flat surface, additional grinding may be eliminated or greatly reduced.

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Mid-West Machine™: Traveling Grinders

Mid-West Machine™ has been building conditioning grinders for over 65 years. Mid-West Machine™ introduced the traveling grinder to the steel mill industry in 1951 and to date has built over 400 machines. Though hardly recognizable in its 21st century mode, the Mid-West Machine™ traveling grinders utilize PLC’s and computers for its automatic grinding and sequencing operations along with the most technologically advanced components. This insures the most effective material removal machine on the market today.

Along with grinding equipment Mid-West Machine™ designs and manufactures various types of peripheral handling equipment to work in conjunction with its grinders. Mid-West Machine™ has set the standard of the industry for decades and will continue to do so for future decades.

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Safe and Efficient Mold Handling

Vulcan Engineering offers mold rollovers, rollover draw, and rollover closers for flaskless and flask nobake molds.

Donovan™ mold handlers, a product of Vulcan Engineering Co., offer a more safe and efficient way to handle the nobake molds in your foundry. The use of slings, chains and some other manipulators on the market lack the control of the mold that is inherent to the Donovan™ design.

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Robotic Casting Finishing

Automation with Flexibility for the Future

Robots have been an important part of the metalcasting process for decades, and Vulcan Engineering Co. has been providing foundries with robotic integration solutions every step of the way. Automation is often the easiest way to increase productivity and efficiency, particularly in the area of casting finishing.

There has never been a better time to evaluate your needs for automating your casting finishing. It’s a big investment, but one that has more payoff than you might think. Vulcan Engineering Co. can help you realize this opportunity with flexible, turnkey solutions from our Foxall® product line which is tool to part to our specialized cells featuring part to tools solutions.

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Greenfield and Brownfield Foundry Projects

A Complete Concept-To-Production Approach

A greenfield foundry is what its name implies: a foundry conceived, engineered and built from scratch on a previously unused property. A brownfield foundry, on the other hand, is built around the constraints of existing facilities. Though very different with regard to their planning and execution, both require vast amounts of coordination, resources and expertise to come together. Vulcan Engineering has all that covered.


Summer Shutdowns = Scheduled Maintenance

Summer is right around the corner, and with it comes opportunities for foundries to shut down and perform their required maintenance and repairs! Keeping your foundry running smoothly and efficiently is our top job at Vulcan Engineering, and that requires the upkeep of existing equipment, and when necessary, the addition of new parts and equipment.


COVID-19 & Industry Events

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus has radically altered the landscape of upcoming trade shows and events for the foundry industry. As one might imagine, the worldwide calendar of events has been thrown into uncharted waters, with many 2020 industry trade shows cancelling or postponing their planned events until further notice.

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