Foxall® Offers Major Benefits to Benton Foundry's Cleaning Operations

Benton Foundry in Benton, Pennsylvania USA, is a state-of-the-art ductile and gray iron, green sand foundry. Their six automatic molding centers produce industrial castings which can be very intricate with up to 50 chaplets in a four-core assembly. The Foundry has been in production for more than 160 years and the Hall family has been in the foundry industry for nearly 100 years.

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Updated Foxall® Controls for Improved Finishing Technology

Vulcan has recently made several updates to the Foxall® with new system controls and an operator interface that is more user-friendly than ever. This system has always offered simple programming (online or offline), but now software updates make it more efficient and easier to use.

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FundiExpo 2016 - Mexico

Vulcan Engineering Co. will be at FundiExpo 2016 in Queretaro, Mexico Oct 5th - Oct 7th. Visit us at booth 716.

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High Capacity Rollovers

Donovan™ Mold Handling equipment is designed to handle, roll over and close cope, drag or complete molds or flasks. This equipment can hold different molds level regardless of center of gravity. Vulcan Engineering has built capable hydraulic systems that can run continuously without overheating. Self-contained hydraulics ensure low maintenance, trouble-free operation.

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Increase Safety in Cut-Off Technology

Vulcan Engineering incorporates the latest in advanced safety features while still offering reliable efficient equipment.

The Fox® Air Float Cut-Off machine is ideal for gate and riser removal on small to medium size castings, or castings on runner bars or trees. It is well suited for processing castings that are too heavy for operators to handle, as the air float feature makes moving large weights almost effortless. Compressed air is used to “lift” the gondola to allow the operator to “float” it around the table, and use the laser guide to align the casting into the proper cutting position. Once in position, a vacuum is used to securely hold it in place during cutting. The saw uses hydraulic down pressure for fast efficient removal of risers and gating.

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Metal + Metallurgy China 2015

Vulcan Engineering Co. will be at Metal + Metallurgy China 2015 in Shanghai, March 31st - April 3rd. Visit us at Booth 1N51.

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Multiphase Plant Upgrades & Expansion

Progress well underway for multiphase plant upgrades and expansion to Lodge Manufacturing Company.

Lodge Manufacturing Company, South Pittsburg, Tennessee, has begun a multiphase plan for expansion and upgrades to their existing, highly successful foundry. “This is more massive than anything we’ve ever done before,” stated Henry Lodge, President & COO of Lodge Manufacturing and great grandson of the business founder, Joseph Lodge. “We are excited and we need this additional production.”

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Automate 2015

Vulcan Engineering Co. will be at the Automate 2015 in Chicago, IL March 23rd-26th. Visit us at Booth #221.

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Metal Casting Congress 2015

Vulcan Engineering Co. will be at the 2015 Metal Casting Conference in Columbus, OH April 21st-23rd. Visit us at Booth #306.

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